Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Boss Guide – Tips and Strategy

November 25, 2013 7:55 PM

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You can’t have an RPG without any Boss Battle, Can You? There have been some notorious boss battles in the history of Zelda series and ‘A Link Between Worlds is following the same footsteps.

Although the boss battles aren’t much abundant but when a boss appears, it sure is going to test your skills.

If you are having trouble defeating any of the bosses in the game, following tips and strategies will help you win these battles.

He can be fearsome in the start, but once you understand his moves, you can defeat him easily. Yuga uses multiple attacks to harm you but luckily, these attacks can be dodged easily. First, he will summon green soldiers (two at a time) which can be taken down with a couple of hits.

While you are dealing with the soldiers, it can also make the walls emit fire which you need to dodge by running in the opposite direction. Initially, Yuga won’t allow you to get near him to deal any sort of physical damage.

To get close to him, you need to use your Magic Bow to stun him. After shooting your Bow at him, he will be on the ground for a small duration, and this will be your chance to do the damage. You can easily land two strikes on him before the retreat.

Yuga will get angry if you repeat the stun and hit strategy twice. Now, he will emit two waves of fire from the wall. You will have to stay in between those lines of fire to stay alive. While you dodge, keep stunning him after intervals so that the damage can be dealt.

The giant eyeball is going to be your next major foe in the game. This boss battle is all about Link’s Tornado Rod. Margomill will use wind powered attack (via a device) to strike you off from your position.

You can use the Tornado Rod to reach the device and then damage the foe. After a few hits, the Eyeball will retreat and the device will get larger. While the Eyeball is gone, you need to strike the layers as fast as you can to make the it re-appear.

After the eyeball re-appears, hit again, and it will disappear again. This time, however, the device’s layers will be increased, and it will start moving faster. You need to stay at the center of it and swing your sword as fast as you can. This sequence will be repeated until you have defeated the notorious Margomill.

It’s going to be a tough battle, and you need to be quick with your choice. Simply hitting Moldom isn’t going to help. So, you need to use your hammer whenever he gets near use. It will stun him for a couple of seconds.

While Moldorm is stunned, you can hit his weak point. The glowing patch on its tail is the weak spot. After a few hits, Moldorm will get angry.

As a result, he will grow larger and move faster. You need to stay careful at this point and wait for your opportunity to arrive. Recklessness can be a big trouble for you. Keep on using your Hammer on his head and tail until the big giant has been defeated.

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