Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Black Friday 2013 deals: What's available?

November 23, 2013 2:17 PM

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Many Black Friday 2013 shoppers are hunting for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 deals this season, but are there any good ones available? The Xbox One is generating a lot of buzz, and many wonder if it will be hard to get one as the big release opens the floodgates for purchasing. There should be game deals available for both systems, at least, and on Nov. 22 The Inquisitr shared some of the options available.

It seems many interested in either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 are worried about availability of the new gaming consoles, though retailers have seemingly indicated they are stocked up and ready for the demand. Even so, Black Friday 2013 shoppers will not likely find any sizable discounts on either of the consoles.

However, there may be some Black Friday 2013 Xbox One and PS4 game sales worth chasing. The prices may be somewhat discounted, and some retailers are offering gift cards as a bonus with a purchase. The consoles are already sold out at many retailers, but some of the big players in the market say they have additional inventory specifically set aside for Black Friday itself. Of course shoppers will want to keep in mind that this season, “Black Friday” begins Thanksgiving Day at many stores.

Have you found any Xbox One Black Friday 2013 deals or PlayStation 4 Black Friday 2013 deals worth battling the crowds to purchase? There have been rumors Walmart may give out a $50 gift card with any Xbox One purchase, but shoppers shouldn't count on it, especially given that it seems it would unlikely be necessary to drawn in customers.

Best Buy, Target, GameStop and Walmart are offering some Black Friday 2013 deals when it comes to PS4 or Xbox One games or Xbox Live Subscriptions. Out of all the hot items out there for this holiday season, it seems fair to say that Black Friday 2013 shoppers are keen on finding the best available sales for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems. Whether or not anything that impressive will be found remains to be seen.


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