Tearaway Papercraft Plans Locations ‘Papercraft Enthusiast’ Guide

December 4, 2013 9:46 PM

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Tearaway Papercraft Plans Locations ‘Papercraft Enthusiast’ Guide

Media Molecule’s Tearaway is turning out to be a pretty excellent game, It has a bunch of unique mechanics that many other games have yet to take advantage of. The way that you control a gameworld made of paper using the touch pad and touch screen of the PS Vita is fascinating.

The story revolves around a messenger on a mission to deliver a unique message to the player. At the beginning of the game players can choose whether to play as the male character, Iota, or the female, Atoi.

Papercraft Plan #1 – Bull Mummer

Location. In The Standing Stones Chapter, you can find this thing in the bushes behind the first Basketball hoop, in the Gopher area.

Papercraft Plan #2 – Oak Tree

Location. At the end of the chapter, you’ll come to a big open area, you’ll find this on the right hand side. Hard to miss since it’s so big.

Papercraft Plan #3 – Cone Face

Location. There is a red path that winds up towards the left side of the same clearing. You’ll find it in the boshes before long.

Papercraft Plan #4 – Horse Mummer

Location. This one isn’t difficult to find. At the end of the chapter, you’ll find this on a cliff near the exit.

Papercraft Plan #5 – Squirrel King

Location. Right after the area where you’re jumping across a bunch of drums, you will find this papercraft plan.

Papercraft Plan #6 – Crocus

Location. Climb on up the drums and before long you’ll come across a pure white flower. This is it.

Papercraft Plan #7 – Conifer

Location. As you progress through the level, you’ll come to a fork with two bridges in front of you. One will be green and the other will be brown. Switch to camera view and look right to find this thing.

Papercraft Plan #8 – Wall Flower

Location. At a point after the last Plan, you’ll lower some apples into water. You’ll climb up to a new platform where there is a bridge. You can find this papercraft after the bridge.

Papercraft Plan #9 – Drum

Location. Eventually, as you progress through the drumming ritual, you’ll come to platform with a dancing apple. You can spot the Drum behind the apple.

Papercraft Plan #10 – Winter Tree

Location. When you enter the field after riding the pig, you’ll see this plan behind a fence.

Papercraft Plan #11 – Standing Stone

Location. North of the snowy area is a Conehead Mummer. You can find this Plan to the right of the Mummer, behind a fence.

Papercraft Plan #12 – Wheat

Location. You’ll find this Plan behind a fence on the north side of the Barn.

Papercraft Plan #13 – Carousel

Location. You’ll find this one back at the start where you entered the fields. Pretty easy to spot.

Papercraft Plan #14 – Marrow

Location. After you lower the first weight with acorns, you can take it up and find this Plan pretty easily.

Papercraft Plan #15 – Pumpkin

Location. After you lower the second weight with acorns, you can take it up, and head right to find this one.

Papercraft Plan #16 – Seed Mummer

Location. Eventually you’ll learn how to roll. When you reach this point, go right to find this Plan.

Papercraft Plan #17 – Mouse

Location. Take the elevator that drops down after you fight the Scraps on stilts, then look at the ledge to the left with the man standing on it. Roll into the mousehole behind him to find this.

Papercraft Plan #18 – Elk

Location. Cross the paper bridge in the beginning of the chapter and proceed over a total of 4 purple ramps. After you go over these you’ll find this Elk.

Papercraft Plan #19 – Torch

Location. Shortly after you pass the Scarecrow and give him back his head for the second time will be a section where you’re messing around with some extendable bridges. There is a part where you have to go up a ramp onto two extended bridges. You’ll find the torch here.

Papercraft Plan #20 – Heart Mummer

Location. Continue moving until you raise one of the extenders with you standing on it and this guy will talk to you.

Papercraft Plan #21 – Cabin

Location. After the fight with the scraps after the third scarecrow head, there is a large banner in the next area, you’ll find this cabin behind it, in the corner.

Papercraft Plan #22 – Pine Tree Sapling

Location. Pretty easy to find in this colorfulk forest right in the beginning. Just look for the whitewashed little tree as the chapter begins.

Papercraft Plan #23 – Mushroom

Location. You’ll find this one just after the barrier obstructing your way is consumed.

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