#NeverForget: Federal govt asked to apologise to APS victims

August 17, 2015 2:38 AM

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The forum asked for a reason­able monthl­y stipen­d for the injure­d studen­ts until they reach the age of 25

Members of the Shuhada Ghazi Forum have demanded a “letter of apology” for those affected by the Army Public School massacre.

The forum members gathered at a news conference at the Peshawar Press Club and accused the government of failing to provide security to the schoolchildren, staff and administration.

Akbar Khan, leader of the forum, addressed the press conference and said the federal government owes the APS attack victims a letter of apology and should admit its failure to protect them.

He said those who survived the attack should be awarded a “certificate of terrorism victims” so that special treatment is given to them.

These certificates would help students secure admission at universities and find employment opportunities in future.

They also asked the government to provide APS students with “counter-terrorism compensation” in addition to free medical treatment and education.

The forum asked for a reasonable monthly stipend for the injured students until they reach the age of 25. It also pressed the government to make the staff of Army Public School permanent. The forum aims to bring the demands of APS victims to the fore.

Source: tribune.com.pk

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