November 21, 2013 10:08 PM

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RAWALPINDI: National Policy on Privatization with focus on giving impetus to sell state enterprises running in losses would be announced soon, said Federal Minister for Industries and Production Ghumlam Murtaza Jatoi here on Thursday.

"All state owned production units especially running in losses would be privatized at a rapid pace - this would be the focal point in making policy on privatization," he said.

He was talking to reporters after inaugurating introductory session of a three-day single country expo, being organized in Kabul next Thursday (Nov 28) by Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI).

The minister said Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC) Taxila is an exception as it is not on their immediate privatization agenda due to the fact that this unit had been earning profit.

Earlier, addressing the gathering he said that active consideration is being made to set up an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in Rawalpindi, keeping in view the geographical significance of the region.

He welcomed the private entrepreneurs' efforts to boost business activity by setting up more industrial units for which the Government would provide maximum facilities.

"We welcome all industrialists to establish units and the government would offer maximum perks to all indiscriminately."

Inviting maximum investment in the existing EPZs, he said that the government was giving tax exemptions to the industry in these zones for 10 years and they must benefit from the policy.

Jatoi urged the business community to come forward and help the government in achieving the export yearly goal of US $ 60 billion. This could be achieved by enhancing exports to the member SAARC states, besides other neighboring and friendly countries.

In reference to the trade with India, the Minister said that all the stakeholders would be taken on board to formalize policies on the subject.

He appreciated the role of RCCI for holding single country expos under the slogan of "Made in Pakistan" across the world. "RCCI is performing commendable role in exploring new markets for country's products - RCCI is functioning as trade Ambassador of Pakistan in rest of the world?."

Commercial Counselor of Afghanistan in Pakistan Munir Yusafzai announced that Afghanistan had announced special visa policies to facilitate the visit of Pakistani businessmen to the brotherly country.

He pointed out that compulsory attendance of visa seeker at the time of issuing visa by the Afghan Embassy had been revoked.

President RCCI, Dr Shimail Dawood said that the RCCI had successfully arranged 12 single country exhibitions in the SAARC member states, besides one in Manchester, UK during the last two years. The expo at Kabul would be the 14th in the series, he added.

He said holding of such exhibitions in Central Asian State, Africa, UAE and USA are on the cards of the chamber.

Expressing concern over the non-provision of basic amenities at Rawat Industrial estate, he said the estate developed solely by RCCI is in hot waters thus necessary step be taken to make this project a success.

Source: brecorder.com

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