Imran Khan tells PM

November 21, 2013 4:27 PM

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Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Thursday lashed out at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and urged him to take a firm stand against US missile strikes inside Pakistan adding that time has come to stop playing on both sides of the wicket.

Addressing a press conference here‚ he strongly condemned drone attack in Hangu and said Thursday’s drone attack was carried out in settled area of the country for the first time and US has got courage to attack any where in the country including its capital due to cowardness of Pakistan government.

Imran Khan feared that after Hangu, United States now could hit missiles on Madarsa in federal capital’s posh E-7 sector as well.

He said lives of people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are in danger as Americans have started missile attacks in the settled areas of the province.

PTI chief said that Prime Minster has not bothered to condemn Thursday strike in country’s settled area added that Nawaz Sharif has no interest in country’s grave situation as he was busy in foreign trips.

“I ask a question from Nawaz Sharif have you adopted dual policies? People of Pakistan will no more accept your policies. He is busy in foreign visits while people are being killed from Peshawar to Karachi,” Khan said.

Lashing out at government for its double standards, Khan said Nawaz government doing the same job as previous governments had done by secretly allowing US for drone attacks inside country’s territory.

He said Nawaz Sharif has presented weak stance over drone issue with US President added that a brave leadership is need of time to rule the country.

Khan said government is showing more keen to establish peace with India while peace was first need of the country.

“Nawaz taking more interest in ‘Amman ki Aasha’” (desire of peace) with India but this is what Pakistan is lacking within its own soil, government wanted ‘Amman ki Asha’ with Modi who is killer of thousands of Muslims”, Khan said.

He said ‘Aman ki Asha’ with India is not possible on cost of blood of 70,000 Kashmiris.

“Honeymoon period for this govt is over. We gave time but now we won't. PM Nawaz is answerable to nation.”

He said that his party will stage a strong protest against drone attacks in Peshawar on Saturday and appealed the people to join him. He said that drone attacks are war crimes and Peshawar High Court has already given its verdict in this regard.

Khan vowed to block NATO supplies on official level saying that Thursday drone attack was carried out on KPK soil therefore provincial government ha right to halt these supplies officially.

He said initially PTI workers were planning to stop NATO supplies within KPK but after Hangu attack, provincial government machinery could be used for this purpose.

Khan said his party would stage a strong protest on roads in KPK added that an emergency meeting of provincial cabinet has also been called to discuss post-drone attack in Hangu.

He said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government will convene emergency meeting of the cabinet to discuss the issue of latest drone attack in the province.

To a query will his party stop NATO supplies from Balochistan too, Imran Khan said if Balochistan government is handed over to PTI, they would obviously halt these supplies until US stops missile attacks in Pakistan.

Giving his views on Rawalpindi tragedy, Imran Khan termed Rawalpindi tragedy as part of international conspiracy.

Imran said Rawalpindi incident was failure of the government, whereas, major responsibility comes in PM Nawaz Sharif's domain.

Imran Khan underlined terrorism is a stumbling block in the way of foreign investment.

He said he would soon release pictures and names of those killed in the latest drone attack in Hangu.


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