Giving back: Initiative aimed at eradicating poverty launched

November 25, 2013 8:41 PM

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Bank Alfala­h’s leader­ship team will provid­e techni­cal volunt­eer for Acumen’s invest­ee compan­ies.

Bank Alfalah and Acumen have launched a project called “Eradicating poverty through entrepreneurship in Pakistan,” which will be based on a $40,000 grant, as part of the bank’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.

The initiative was announced at a press conference addressed by Acumen CEO Jacqueline Novogratz and Bank Alfalah CEO Atif Bajwa. It may become a multi-year programme based on impact assessment at the end of the first year of the project.

As part of the programme, Bank Alfalah will provide multi-pronged support to investee companies of Acumen – a non-profit global venture fund that uses entrepreneurial approaches to solve poverty problems – with the aim of positively impacting poverty alleviation.

Bank Alfalah’s leadership team will provide technical volunteer for Acumen’s investee companies.


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