CEO Summit Asia 2013: Unlock potential of country’s human capital, says speakers

November 27, 2013 9:06 PM

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The summit was an ideal opport­unity for buildi­ng relati­onship­s with peers and collea­gues who could share inform­ation.

Speakers at the CEO Summit Asia 2013 here on Wednesday emphasised that there was immense potential and resources present in the country, and if the people were properly guided they could push the country into an era of development.

AKD Securities Limited CEO, Muhammad Fareed Alam, while addressing the CEO Summit Asia said that it was essential for business organisations to focus on knowledge over technology.

“If 5% is invested on the training of employees it would produce great results, as compared to employees who lack knowledge,” Alam added. He said organisations feared that a well trained employee would end up leaving the company to explore advanced opportunities offered by competitors.

JS Bank Chairman Jahangir Siddiqui on the occasion said a clear vision and sense of ownership would not only bring up good leaders but will also help towards building great institutions.

“Institutions are beyond individuals leading the institutions, and true leadership is vital to the entire socioeconomic growth of the country,” he added.

The summit was an ideal opportunity for building relationships with peers and colleagues who could share information, insights and inspiration.


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