Affiliate of Uzair Baloch gang killed in Lyari clashes

November 23, 2013 9:29 PM

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Anothe­r gangst­er allege­dly associ­ated with the Uzair Baloch group, was killed in a suspec­ted encoun­ter with Ranger­s.

KARACHI: Baba Golden was one of two people killed during clashes between two groups in the ongoing gang-war in Lyari on Saturday, Express News reported.

He was affiliated with Uzair Baloch’s gang and was working under Shiraz Comrade when he was killed.

Twelve others were also injured when Baba Ladla’s gang and the Faisal Pathan group exchanged fire in Lyari, Karachi. Faisal Pathan is the chief operational commander of the Peoples Amn Committee (PAC), which is led by Uzair Baloch.

The injured were taken to Civil Hospital as they were unable to go to the Lyari General Hospital.

An alleged gangster, Sana Niazi, was also killed on Friday. Niazi had been shot dead in a suspected encoutner with Rangers near Mama Hotel in Kalri.

An earlier clash between the two groups on November 16 had injured five people in the same area of the city.

The police had been reluctant to go to the area following calls of troubled residents asking them for assistance, due to the escalated violence in the area.

On November 10, two suspected gangsters were killed during the ongoing gang war between two rival groups – Baba Ladla’s gang and the Peoples Amn Committee (PAC), led by Uzair Baloch – while one suspect was killed in an encounter with law enforcers.

“Baba directed Uzair not to leave his men as the entire neighbourhood considered him to be the sardar [leader]. But Uzair left without taking Baba into confidence,” the source had said.

Insiders had said Baba suffered setbacks when a large number of his operational commanders were killed. “Uzair Baloch in comparison did not lose as many men. Some of Baba’s commanders even joined his rival’s group, which came as a shock to say the least,” an insider had said.

Four commanders – Moosa Baloch, Yousuf Gojji, Mairaj Baloch and Younus Baloch – of Baba’s group were killed, either during the gang war or in encounters with law enforcers. Many others, including Ustad Taju, Mullah Nisar, Umer Kutchi, Wasiullah Lakho, Shafi Pathan and Ismail Lashari, had chosen to leave Baba and join Uzair’s gang.

“When internal cracks between the PAC started to appear, these men played a neutral role as they were against the internal gang war. But one by one, they saw Baba weaken and joined Uzair,” a source inside the group had said.


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